P3M Logo Design


RckBny draft of P3M logoRckBny draft of P3M logoP3M Logo and Slogan


The initial concept for the logo (shown in the pencil drawing above) was created by artist, Jason S. Johnson, who is big on minimalism. When working on this logo concept, the main objective was to create a logo in which hid the first letters of the companies name in plain sight. The play symbol plays on the fact that P3M creates videos. The colors are a direct representation of the brand:

  1. Pink/rose gold – universal love of oneself and of others (supporting each other as entrepreneurs and helping in the community)
  2. Green – renewal, energy, growth and harmony, and money (new business)
  3. Black – power and strength (needed to start and run a business)

P3M team members work consistently to produce quality logo designs that are creative and unique to your business. Once given clear instructions, we work with customers throughout the process, ensuring that we execute your vision as if you created it yourself.

*Check out more info on logo design, including pricing, here.

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