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“We see your vision and respect your hustle.”


Promoting Motivational Move Makers (P3M) is a short video ad company that provides advertising and marketing services such as promotional videos, SEO management, website designs, logo design and animation, etc. to small businesses at an affordable price. Online marketing is the modern-day way to advertise one’s business. We provide the tools needed that will take your business to the next level. Our team at P3M will help you build your brand with a professional image, promote your business through strategic marketing, and generate leads that will convert into potential customers. Potential customers essentially mean an increase in revenue for your business.

Promoting Motivational Move Makers mission is not only to make our clients’ money, but to be the go-to for all entrepreneurial and small business startup needs. Our forum provides tips, tricks, and how-to guides on navigating through the world of business as a startup company. Our blog concentrates on answering frequently asked questions of entrepreneurs, for the purpose of making the next entrepreneurs experience easier and more efficient. The calendar provides dates on networking events and workshops in specified areas to help individuals grow both their business and connections alike.

P3M does this all while contributing to the education and awareness of different societal issues we face daily. We volunteer with non-profits of Atlanta who are making tremendous strides in the community; I Will Survive, Inc. (IWS), Simply United Together (SUT), Love Gives Ministries, and Best Friends Adoption Society of Atlanta (BFAS). To show P3M’s continuous commitment to the community, a percentage of the proceeds from items purchased in our online shop will go to 1 of the 4 non-profits chosen at checkout.


The origins of Promoting Motivational Move Makers as told by Paris V. Johnson, the founder, herself.

“As I was scrolling through my Instagram timeline November 10, 2018, I was so astounded at the number of entrepreneurs I knew. I was inspired by their consistency and passion in what they believed in, no matter the amount of support they received. I created a post (the post in the picture below) announcing that I would be giving a ‘shout out’ to an entrepreneur every Monday. I then tagged it ‘Move Making Monday Motivation,’ later changing it to ‘Motivational Move Maker Mondays.’ I felt that this would be my way of supporting friends and family from a far, after moving from Michigan to Georgia at the end of 2017. The response was so great, that I thought that there might be a market for providing an outlet for entrepreneurs and startup small businesses of all industries to not only showcase their services/products, but also share their stories with potential customers and other entrepreneurs. I haven’t slowed down or looked back since.” – Paris V. Johnson, Founder/CEO

IG Story
Instagram story of where P3M originated.


Motivational Move Makers are individuals who motivate and inspire us daily with their unmatched work ethic, strong will to succeed and selfless hearts. They are over-comers, positive influencers, visionaries, ambitious, consistent, determined and driven, with an unwavering need to serve their family, friends and communities.

We have business spotlights once a month on Mondays, acknowledging business owners as Entrepreneurs of the Month on our Motivational Entrepreneur List. With the continuous support of our community, followers, friends and families, we can give these go-getters a larger platform to shine by sharing their vision and contributing to their business.


P3M apparel is a clothing line of purpose, empowerment, self-representation, and inspiration. We created a line that not only supports and unites the movers and shakers of Detroit and Atlanta, but one in which advocates change, accountability, responsibility and awareness to different issues in our society. P3M is more than a brand, but a movement that acknowledges hard work, promotes entrepreneurship, contributes to improving the community, and encourages positivity. Individuals who wear this apparel embraces adversity and achievements, both vital to the growth that builds strong, successful leaders. These are the people we aspire to be, and they hold no specific color, gender, age, nor occupation. You wear what represents you, and what better way to make that statement than to rock apparel of self-representation, empowerment, inspiration, motivation, and purpose.

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