Words from Paris VJ

P3M CEO Paris V. Johnson

“I am living while I’m alive. Exploring myself and the world, as we are one. Enjoying the little things like the swaying of leaves on a tree and a smile on a stranger’s face. Positive vibes are all I wish to reciprocate. Worry-free because my support system is strong, and God got me. I reside in the clouds…it’s bright and quiet up there. Eyes overwhelmed with the beauty of mother Earth and hands stretched out to show support wherever support is needed. Never regretting a thing because I’m human and life is too short. Respect, loyalty and honesty are values I live by. Progression is goals and so is my grandparents love and dedication to one another. Natural, organic connections are the best. Music is bae. You being you is cool because clones are boring. I am personally motivated by seeing others grow and succeed and the thought of financial freedom. GOSH, that’s exciting!

I follow vibrations and do whatever makes me happy. I have no limitations. Remember not to lose sight of what’s important in life following society’s expectations.

I’m grateful for my blessings and I appreciate every individual’s contribution to this world. I would love to share this space with you. I see your vision and respect your hustle. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart and you make it look easy. Wishing happiness, prosperity and good health to all.


 – Paris V. Johnson, CEO